Recruitment Services

Recruitment is one of the first steps to building your business’ human capital and while the recruitment process varies from company to company, here at SL Personnel we offer to make the recruitment process straightforward and pain-free. Below you’ll find a list of the recruitment services we offer.

Posting of job adverts

We will post an announcement that will inform people about job vacancies and make sure it reaches the targeted group of potential candidates.

Sifting through CVs

The tedious part of hiring new candidates is sorting through CVs. Allow us to make the hiring process better for both companies and candidates.

Interviewing of candidates

We’ll perform a round of interviews before choosing potential candidates for your business, and making sure they’re comfortable in order to select the best fit for the position.


Finding a quick, simple, and precise method to automate candidate shortlisting is the pinnacle of recruitment.

Reference checks

You can determine a candidate's likelihood of succeeding in the role by confirming the information they have provided. By conducting the check for you, we will assist you in streamlining the process.

Criminal and/or credit check

SL Personnel will ensure that your candidates are who they say they are and will verify their criminal, education and employment history.