HR Services

We’ve come to find that being refined to choosing specific packages can be costly and unnecessary. Below we’ve listed all our available services that you can choose from to create your custom package, from month-to-month (available on request) or once-off, you get to make the rules of your retainer.

All duties include, but not limited to:

Free HR Audit (30-min consultation)

With our extensive practical HR experience and expertise, we are in a position to provide you with insightful guidance on the auditing of your HR department.

Virtual HR Consultations

Do you have any HR questions or current situations you would like to discuss with SL Personnel? We will offer applicable HR advice which will allow you to handle any situation in a professional manner.

Additional Services



We understand the pressure when it comes to correctly paying your employees what is due to them. With the rules and guidelines changing unpredictably, SL Personnel offers you a wide range of payroll services to give you the peace of mind of having your payroll done affordably and efficiently.


CCMA Assistance

The CCMA delivers a variety of workplace dispute resolution, prevention and management services. Our labour law experts are trained and knowledgeable in all matters relating to CCMA. SL Personnel will give you all the legal guidelines needed when going to the CCMA.

CV Writing

In a progressively competitive generation where every word counts, SL Personnel wants to help you create a CV that is hard to ignore and can increase your chances of landing your next job. From your work experience to your interests, we’ll make sure that your CV is excellently worded.

Interview Preparations

Going for a job interview can be quite daunting, hence spending some time on your interview preparation can help you calm your nerves. Our specialized virtual and personal training sessions will help you develop skills to prepare you for any interview.