SL Personnel is an outsourced HR Solutions Specialist who provides comprehensive and competitively priced services to meet your company’s requirements. Our experience is in the areas of human resources, recruitment, and training.

About The Founder

SL Personnel was founded in 2020 by Shimoné Louise Brookes along with her executive director, Robin Smith, and together they built SL Personnel into what it is today. Shimone is an excellent human resources expert with 11 years of experience to back it up and despite quickly climbing the HR corporate ladder, she chose a less traveled path.

Their vision for SL Personnel is to be a company where employers can be confident that they are not just dealing with the best, but also with people that want to establish long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Shimone aims to bring out the best in individuals and promote positive change in the industry.

About SL Personnel

SL Personnel is a hands-on outsourced HR Solutions Specialist providing comprehensive and affordable services to cover your business. We specialize in providing HR, recruitment, and training services to all businesses.

Our strongest value proposition, which appeals to a broad range of employers, is our accessibility and affordability.

Our company packages, which have been meticulously designed to give you expert services across the board, provide clients with holistic value. Clients can use our specialized services on an hourly basis.

We also provide medium-to-long term contracts where we support organizations with their HR and Recruiting needs, which are negotiated and priced within their budget.

Our specialty areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruiting and staffing employees
  • Employee and labour relations
  • Human resource compliance
  • Employee training and development
  • Organisational structure

Sharing My Passion

My goal for SL Personnel is to build stronger relationships between the employer and employee in the workspace through my HR and Recruitment services. Based on my experience, I realised that employers and employees are seldom aware of the South African Labour Laws and acts associated with HR. This leads to various negative and avoidable scenarios, including the misuse of employees by employers (sometimes done unintentionally) and the informal processes when it comes to disciplinary action, which could prove costly to the company. This is very common in many business sectors.

My aim is to add value by educating and empowering employers by structuring and establishing the correct HR policies. This does not only ensure that the employer and company is protected, but ensures that the employees are covered too. This sets the grounds for positive relationships between employer and employee, which is proven to increase productivity for the company; everybody wins.

— Shimoné Louise Brookes